About Us

Call Us First Home INspection is owned and operated by Scott Hill and his wife Missy. Both have been in the rental home business for decades and flipping homes for the last several years. While they missed the “golden window of opportunity” by about 10 years, they still got something valuable from the experience.

What they found over the years is that there’s a real lack of service-driven inspectors in Oklahoma City and the neighboring areas. Additionally, few inspectors have business experience as both a buyer and a seller. This gap in the market was something Scott knew he could fill, thus Call Us First Home INspection was born.

Traditionally, in the home inspection business, it is virtually impossible to make all parties happy. The seller or the seller’s realtor is upset if you are thorough and the deal falls through, and the buyer or buyer’s realtor gets upset if you don’t find everything wrong with the property.

Call Us First Home INspection is the solution.

We provide a unique blend of efficient, customer service-oriented inspections, and we’re “the client’s partner and the realtor’s friend.” While we understand that the relationship with the client is our duty, we also want to balance the realtor’s needs as well.

Our Residential & Commercial Inspection Services

We’re proud to provide both residential and commercial inspections. See our residential inspections services:

We have both the buyers and sellers in mind and keep our eyes on the major issues. We won’t overwhelm you with every small detail — but that doesn’t mean we aren’t thorough.

For our commercial inspections, we bring in experienced and knowledgeable specialists for each of these components:

  • structure
  • exterior
  • roof
  • heat & air
  • interior
  • electric
  • plumbing
  • fire sprinkler systems
  • environment/air quality
  • pest control/termites

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to go to negotiations with confidence.

Our Memberships, Associations, Qualifications & Community Involvement

We’re Oklahoma licensed inspectors (# 70001820) and members of the Oklahoma Home Inspection Association, as well as the National Association of Home Inspectors (Inter NACHI). With our training and experience, you can count on us to be thorough, communicative, and professional from start to finish.

Scott is also a former Oklahoma University football player and coach (1972-1988) and the executive director for Access Sports, a non-profit that provides disadvantaged youth and youth that are mentally, physically, and/or emotionally challenged with an opportunity to participate in organized sports activities. We strongly believe in doing our part to better our community, in both our professional and our personal lives.

Additionally, we are proud to be a HomeAdvisor Elite Service Professional, a title we have earned for the illustrious and trusted reputation we have earned serving the region.

Our Mission

Our mission as a company is to provide thorough, easily understandable inspections and reports in a timely manner, so our clients can take that information and use it in the purchase/sale and beyond. Within 24 hours of inspection completion, you’ll have an electronic report that’s clear and helpful, so you can move forward with confidence. 

Flexible Scheduling & Fast Reports, Guaranteed

Are you in need of a commercial or residential inspection? For dependable service, fast, flexible scheduling, custom pricing, and fast, thorough inspections and reports, call us first at 405-640-0406 or reach out to us here on our website. We’re here to help.

Local Contractor Reviews of Call Us First Home Inspection, LLC

What Does It Look Like To Work With An Inspector With “Skin In The Game?”

A lot of home inspectors do the job and then leave. They’re not really concerned with whether or not the property sells because they don’t have any “skin in the game.”
We’re different. We take every inspection we do seriously and care about the end result. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee.
What’s the guarantee?
– For every 10 inspections we do for you, we’ll do the 11th for FREE.
– If CUFHI does the inspection and the sale does not go through, we’ll do the next one for the buyer for 1/2 price.
So don’t work with another inspector who simply sees your situation as another paycheck. Work with team players who care about the final score.

When you contact the team at Call Us First Home INspection, you will receive prompt, friendly, professional service every time.