Make Sure You’re Getting Water Where You Want It, Not Where You Don’t  — Schedule A Lawn Sprinkler Inspection With CUFHI

Having a sprinkler system can save you time and make it much easier to keep your yard green, your garden vibrant, and your entire property beautiful, even during our hottest months. But that’s assuming it’s working the way it should. A failing or faulty sprinkler system can cause all sorts of issues, from mold to structural damage, ruined landscaping, and more. You might as well give your grandson a hose and tell him to have a hay day!

The problem is, sprinkler systems can be pretty complex and they have multiple possible failure points. Evaluating the system requires knowledge of the valves, heads, sensors, and shut-off switches, and a close look at every component at work. Who has time for that? Call Us First Home INspection.

We offer lawn sprinkler inspections throughout the Oklahoma City metro area and beyond, making sure our clients’ sprinklers are helping them out, not making matters worse. We check for leaks and make sure the sprinklers are properly watering the zones they’re designed to hit, and carefully inspect the following:

  • Control Panel
  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Sensors
  • Drain Valve
  • Supply Piping
  • Backflow
  • Zone Devices

Our thorough report will inform you of any components in the sprinkler system that aren’t working the way they should, and will include our recommendations for repairs.

Call CUFHI Today & Make Sure Your Sprinklers Are Working For You, Not Against You

Want to make it look easy to maintain the best yard in the neighborhood? A well-performing sprinkler system will go a long way in helping you keep the top spot, and with a sprinkler system, all the time you would have wasted outside watering each section of your yard or garden can be spent doing more of what you love. Protect your home against water damage, protect your yard and garden against drought, and protect your spot as the envy of the neighborhood with Call Us First Home INspection. Call 405-640-0406 or request an inspection online today.


Have us do your well and septic tank inspection to make sure you get a complete and thorough inspection for your residential property.