Pool Inspections Performed By Licensed Professionals With Years Of Experience

Having a pool can make summers cooler and more enjoyable, boost home value, and provide a low-impact way to get and stay fit. But when buying or selling a house with a pool, or having a pool built on your property, you need an inspector with the experience, knowledge, and understanding to provide a thorough and helpful pool inspection. You need Call Us First Home INspection.

We’re licensed inspectors in the state of Oklahoma and we’re familiar with all of the local codes, requirements, and safety regulations necessary for both in-ground and above-ground pools. We’ll make sure everything is in great condition and up to code, and inspect every aspect of the pool for material defects or problems. We’ll check all of these:

  • The fencing and gate leading into the pool area — All pools should have proper, stable barriers and fencing for safety reasons, and we’ll make sure any fencing or gating is free of holes, gaps, and damage. We’ll also make sure gates latch automatically to prevent children from accessing this area without an adult.
  • The decking around the pool — The decking needs to be free of any major cracks, as well as any areas that could cause a trip or slip. We’re thorough, not nit-picky, and we’ll make sure things are safe, slip-resistant, and properly sloped. We’ll also make sure water isn’t pooling in spots and that proper drainage is occurring.
  • The coping — This area must be free of cracks, leaks, chips, and stains. We’ll also make sure that the mastic (between the coping and the deck) is effectively sealing the pool.
  • The pool surface/interior finish — The pool surface must be free of major cracks, staining, calcium nodules, settling, and other concerns. We’ll also check the tile and grout for cracks, and make sure the jets are working properly. If the pool is vinyl, we’ll check for tears in the liner or gaps in its bead.
  • Drain covers/suction covers/ladders/handrails — For safety reasons, the drain covers and suction covers must be secured to prevent injury or entrapment. We’ll also check any ladders or handrails for corrosion and proper anchoring.
  • Electrical connections & filters — Electrical connections in the equipment pad must be checked for leaks to ensure safety. We’ll also check the filter and make sure everything is in good condition.
  • The pump — We’ll check the pump to make sure it’s free of rust and in good working order, and that the size of the pump is appropriate for the pool. The pump must be properly wired and grounded as well.
  • The heater — When evaluating the heater, we’ll check for proper clearances, rust, nests, and proper function. We’ll also make sure it’s properly grounded, like the pump. 

If you have an in-ground spa or hot tub, we can carefully and thoroughly inspect that as well, checking things like the blower and the jets. Remember, when we inspect pools we inspect the drainage for free!

Fast, Reliable Reports

When our experienced and dependable professionals are finished with the pool inspection, you can rest assured you’ll have all the information you need. We’ll let you know what’s a requirement and what’s simply a suggestion. We guarantee full electronic reports within 24 hours of inspection and we’ll gladly go over our findings and recommendations with you.

To schedule your pool inspection, call 405-640-0406 or reach out to us here on our website today. We offer custom pricing and reliable services six days a week, so wherever you are in the greater Oklahoma City area, call us first! You’ll be glad you did!


We can take care of everything you need with your residential inspection, including a lawn sprinkler inspection so you know if the system is in good shape.