Need A Re-Inspection Before Closing? With CUFHI, It’s Faster & More Affordable

No one hopes to have to go through two separate home inspections when buying or selling a home, but when material defects are discovered or extensive repairs must be done, sometimes a re-inspection is necessary before closing.

As home inspectors who have been on the buyer, seller, and landlord side of the process multiple times over the last 30 years, we know that you need someone to act fast, provide a thorough (but not nit-picky) inspection, and to keep your best interests in mind in these types of situations. We also know that both time and money are of the essence.

But the good news is, when you choose to work with Call Us First Home INspection, Oklahoma City’s trusted and experienced home inspectors, you can rest assured the process will be easier and more affordable than it would be with another company.

Call Us First Home INspection offers reliable, customer-centric, and convenient re-inspections at a lower price so you can move forward with your life and your plans. We offer custom pricing and we work quickly and thoroughly. We also pride ourselves on our excellent communication and our speedy reports — in fact, you’ll have your new re-inspection report within 24 hours, guaranteed. We’ll even go through every aspect of the report with both the client and the realtor.

Schedule Your Re-Inspection With Call Us First Home INspection Today For Fast, Thorough Service

So if your first home inspection revealed some concerns and you need a second look post-repairs, pre-closing, give us a call! We’ll perform a re-inspection and make sure everything is up to par so you can confidently move forward with the buying/selling process. Call 405-640-0406 or reach out to us here on our website to schedule your re-inspection today.


You could benefit from a residential inspection even when we’re talking about new construction. Find out why this is a good idea when you give us a call.